Отдых под парусом

Zero Waste Sonoma

— Lancets

— Needles

— Razor blades

— Syringes

— Any other sharp object that could reduce somebody

Fill these containers until they’re no more than two thirds full. All baggage, bottles and cans with medical waste must be closed securely and put out with common trash. Do not recycle these things.

To Slae’s amazement, his other half did not even flinch and instead smirked feverishly. He thrusted out a hand, bumping Quweaign again slightly and producing a bronze-colour stone that triggered the air to crackle and reverberate with unbelievable tones. The aura about his other half exploded into waves of radiance that even washed away the Angel’s personal glow. Splashes of blue static tore via the air in brief bursts, vaporizing the bottom and water alike.

The San Mateo County Medical Waste Program has been managed by Environmental Well being Services (EHS) since 1991. EHS is responsible for the regulation of medical waste disposal bins waste generation, storage, transport and disposal. The program is authorized by California’s Medical Waste Management Act passed by the California Legislature in 1990. EHS enforces these rules and additional requirements adopted by the County, similar to Medical Waste Administration Plans and closure requirements.

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