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Yuriy Loza does not consider Sheriff’s victory over Real Madrid a success in the Champions League

Musician Yuriy Loza, web site in a conversation with SE, commented on Sheriff’s victory over Real Madrid (2: 1) in the second round of the Champions League group stage.

«How many Moldovans are there in Sheriff? Not a single resident of the regions of Moldova, they just took the money and recruited some legionnaires, — Loza told the SE correspondent Georgy Skoblikov. — «Real» was beaten quite by accident, because it is never possible to predict the result. The difference in shots is colossal, and Sheriff scored more, but this is not an indicator that they played better. This result cannot be called a success, tomorrow the same Real Madrid will shove them ten balls, and yesterday they were simply unlucky. «

After two rounds, web page the Champions League debutant from Moldova with 6 points takes first place in his group.

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