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Why Would Someone Want To Steal The Hybrid Badge From My Automobile?

The thief is perhaps looking to save lots of cash on parking, or needs to cut their commute time. Some cities supply free parking for hybrid vehicles. Perhaps someone hopes to hoodwink local legislation enforcement by gluing your hybrid badge onto his or her carbon-spewing clunker. They could idiot the mall security individual this manner, however not the reliable hybrid driver wanting the identical parking spot. A few states allow «green» automobiles to use HOV (High Occupancy Car) lanes with solely the driver onboard, but most require a special sticker or license plate. New Jersey does not require something special, and New Jersey Turnpike Authority officials have mentioned, «state police don’t anticipate any problems figuring out which vehicles are hybrids» [source: HybridCars.com].

Most swindles happen in any well-liked tourist destination. If you’re a vacationer, you’re in all probability not acquainted with the typical regulation enforcement uniforms, so it is easy for anybody to put on one thing that appears official. In this rip-off, a person claiming to be a police officer approaches you. He will let you know there’s been a problem in the area with counterfeit bills and inbursa autos ask to verify your wallet for any offending foreign money — all beneath the pretense of «defending» you.

Part of a profession in crime is staying a step forward of those making an attempt to catch them. Just when the authorities catch on to one new trick, criminals transfer on to the following. Message boards on the internet convey together like-minded folks to communicate by way of postings; they’ve become peer schooling teams for many professions, burglary included, the place they could advance their knowledge together.

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