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Who Created The ILOVEYOU Virus?

The virus spread quickly after Smith unleashed it on the world. The United States federal authorities grew to become very fascinated by Smith’s work — in response to statements made by FBI officials to Congress, the Melissa virus «wreaked havoc on government and private sector networks» [supply: FBI]. The increase in e-mail traffic pressured some corporations to discontinue e-mail applications until the virus was contained.

It began in 2003 on 4chan, a so-referred to as picture board, which is an Internet discussion discussion board where users put up pictures on just about any topic you may think about (including some you do not wish to think about). Here, individuals share something that’s on their minds with zero self-censorship, partly because they’ll and 인천폰테크 do put up anonymously.

Similarly, some cows have pedometers on their ankles to tip farmers off as to how much time they spend lounging or standing still, which — in addition to probably being a sign that a cow is in heat — may point out health points. Identifying and isolating problems like foot-and-mouth or mad cow illness can mean the difference between losing one cow and shedding an entire herd of cattle [source: Coxworth].

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