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What’s Descriptive Analytics?

— Tracking course enrollments, course compliance rates,

— Recording which studying resources are accessed and the way usually

— Summarizing the variety of instances a learner posts in a dialogue board

— Tracking task and assessment grades

— Comparing pre-take a look at and put up-check assessments

— Analyzing course completion rates by learner or by course

— Collating course survey results

— Figuring out size of time that learners took to complete a course

It simulates the results of many doable selections, permitting decision-makers to better understand the methods wanted to excel. This sort of evaluation requires a high stage of technical ability and assets, so this solution is better suited to these in leadership positions than it is for those operating day by day operations. Primarily, it «prescribes» optimal programs of action.

Churn is the measure of people losing interest in your providing (service, data, product, and so forth.). In business it’s extremely vital to watch churn and try and determine why subscribers (clients, and so on.) determined to cease paying for the subscription. In other phrases, churn analysis tries to predict whether or not a customer is prone to be misplaced to a competitor.

Although water doesn’t supply any particular nutrients, it is an important a part of a wholesome weight-loss plan. Water expands the fiber you eat, further helping you to feel full and glad. It assists in lots of bodily capabilities, and it helps turn saved body fat into vitality by transporting the nutrients wanted to make this happen. Water also prevents fatigue, psychological confusion, and complications. Fruits and vegetables have a excessive water content, so consuming them can even increase your water intake.

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