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What Is HIFU And How Does It Work?

HIFU stands for prime Depth Focused Ultrasound. Via a special cartridge that’s gently put on your pores and skin, it delivers centered ultrasound waves deep into the pores and skin with out damaging the floor. The pure technique of neocollagenesis is then stimulated by heating up the target area. This process accelerates the production of new collagen — a protein that gives structure to the skin. Higher levels of collagen mean your pores and skin becomes firmer, younger-wanting, and wrinkle-free.

The great thing about HIFU is that the advantages of can be seen instantaneously, with optimum outcomes anticipated after just 20 days or in some circumstances three to six months. The stimulating impact of HIFU promotes the synthesis of new collagen which is able to assist your skin maintain its pure, youthful glow.

Specifically-educated nurses will carry out a full facial cleansing and preparation for the patient.

The doctor applies ultrasound gel to the patient’s face and neck.

A hand HIFU device is glided over the patient’s skin. This delivers ultrasound vitality to the skin, stimulating the skin cells to produce collagen and promote tissue healing, restore and rejuvenation.

Depending upon the patient’s pores and skin situation, the physician adjusts the pores and skin penetration depth setting of the hand piece As this procedure is being completed, the affected person may really feel heat below the skin or a slight prickling. For an absolute pain-free experience, sedation may be performed by a professional anaesthetist in the clinic.

Each HIFU remedy lasts between 30 and 60 minutes depending upon the severity of the skin downside.

In the course of the recovery course of, 医療 ハイフ 大阪 you could also be asked to avoid prolonged sun publicity and any tanning beds. Moreover, you should not take any scorching water baths. You also shouldn’t tweeze, wax, or decide at your face. Ensure to stay hydrated and refrain from consuming caffeine or alcohol. Lastly, ensure that to keep the skin of your face clean.

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