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MARSTON, Missouri, June 2 (Reuters) — The residents of New Madrid County cheered in 2018 when a bankrupt aluminum smelter that rises over the Missouri region´s vast farm fields restarted operations and hiring, thanks to aluminum tariffs levied in President Donald Trump´s trade war.

But in a county that ranks last or near the bottom in every quality of life and health standard, many people are willing to accept dirtier air in exchange for more jobs, according to interviews with two dozen residents there.

The two photos showed a dirt-stained baby sock that the mum had attempted to clean in the washing machine, and the other showed the same sock perfectly clean after the use of dishwashing liquid and a scrubbing brush.  

«There are concerns that workers may not return so soon to Chinese repair yards where many vessels are waiting for scrubbers to be installed,» Takashi Maruyama, Mitsui OSK Chief Financial Officer, told a news conference.

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In a sign the poor air quality may be harming local residents, death rates in the county from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are 87% higher than in the rest of the state, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

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A Mitsui OSK Lines executive said many vessels were in Chinese docks to get so-called scrubbers installed to meet the new emissions rules but with four Chinese provinces asking companies to extend the Lunar New Year holiday by a week, to Feb.

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This gave the area around the smelter the nation´s highest median EPA air quality index score at 131 for 2019. Anything over 100 is considered unhealthy. The next highest median AQI reading in the country last year was 80, in California´s San Bernardino County, where smoke from raging wildfires fouled the air.

Alvin Forster, deputy director with North P&I club, cited possible engine failure in busy shipping lanes, while Precious Shipping’s Hashim said members investing in expensive low-sulphur fuel should not have to share the loss on any scrubber claims.

The IMO said it does not have a remit to regulate the fuel industry but that international standards for the new fuel and information about compatibility between types had been issued as part of comprehensive preparations.

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«People are worried about getting food on the table,» said Marvelle Cranford, pastor of Friendship Church of God in Christ in Howardville, a small, predominantly African-American community about 5 miles from the plant.

Having torment after the medical procedure is a typical issue and, indeed, as indicated by research ponders, getting standard foot massages has been appeared to diminish this torment, just as heart and respiratory rate

«Ships in drydock are reportedly lying idle without any work being carried out,» said a Singapore-based shipbroker adding that in some cases even provisions cannot be supplied to crews onboard ships in drydock.

To reduce emissions of toxic sulphur that cause premature deaths, shipowners who have long relied on the dirtiest residues of oil extraction will have to either switch to low-sulphur fuel or install exhaust gas cleaning systems from Jan. 1.

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TOKYO/SINGAPORE, Jan 31 (Reuters) — Shipping companies may face delivery delays of vessels fitted with exhaust gas filtering equipment that complies with anti-pollution rules that kicked in this year due to the impact from the virus outbreak in China, shipping sources said on Friday.

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