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The State Duma assessed the complaint of coach Khokhlov on Facebook because of the surname

Alexander Khinshtein, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, assessed the complaint of Rotor coach Dmitry Khokhlov about the social network Facebook because of his last name. He noted in an interview with Metaratings.ru that the situation occurred due to ignorance of the specifics of the Russian language and the lack of officials in the profile segment, but it does not require blocking the resource.

The deputy recalled that the State Duma recently adopted a law on «landing» large foreign Internet resources, which obliges them to open branches in Russia and a personal account on the Roskomnadzor website. He clarified that this was done just so that incidents such as with Khokhlov did not recur and that there was a possibility of a prompt response to protect the rights of Russian users.

«Guillotine is not the best dandruff remedy. There is no need to block anything here in order to get the right approach from the Facebook administration. Obviously, the situation that Dmitry Khokhlov got into is due to his lack of knowledge of the specifics of the Russian language and the absence of officials in the Russian-speaking segment, «Khinshtein emphasized.

He expressed confidence that with the opening of a representative office of a social network in Russia, such problems will become a thing of the past. The MP noted that a complete blocking is possible, but this requires a number of actions, so it should be preceded by attempts in a softer format to eliminate shortcomings and violations.

Earlier, the coach of the Volgograd «Rotor», webpage ex-player of the Russian national team Dmitry Khokhlov filed a lawsuit against the American company Facebook in the Solntsevsky District Court of Moscow. He was unhappy that the company interprets his name as a dismissive name for Ukrainians, and as a result, he cannot fully use either Instagram or site Facebook because of this. He demanded to change the algorithms of social networks, and also intends to receive compensation for moral damage.

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