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Verdier, Philippe, ‘The Tapestry of the Prodigal Son’, The Journal of The Walters Art Gallery, vol. Accounts of the Treasurer: https://www.paintingbynumbers.ca 1506-1507, vol. Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer, vol. James Balfour Paul, Accounts of Treasurer of Scotland, vol. Charles Thorpe McInnes, Accounts of the Treasurer: 1566-1574, vol. Accounts of the Treasurer: 1500-1504, Diamond Painting vol. Register of the Privy Seal, vol. James V, or have been presents from Francis I of France on his marriage to Madeleine of Valois.

Among the many remaining contents of the Royal Wardrobe at Holyroodhouse in 1617, three pieces of inexperienced velvet embroidered with gold holly leaves and the Longueville arms, which had belonged to Mary of Guise (Duchess of Longueville by her first marriage), had been repaired by Nicolas Elsmeere for use throughout James’s return go to to Scotland. Regent Arran borrowed the royal tapestry for his daughter Barbara Hamilton’s wedding to Lord Gordon in February 1549, and after it had been cleaned by six apprentices it was introduced out for the visit of Mary of Guise’s brother, the Marquis de Maine.

Acquire part six in Saturday’s paper. However this loss had already been recorded in 1565, as having occurred at Linlithgow during the keepership of James Sandilands, maybe the one later stated to have been minimize by «Andro Cockburn fule.» The other six items were destroyed at the Kirk o’Field explosion. There was additionally tapestry at Linlithgow Palace which had furnished a bedchamber for Prince Henry.

Earlier than Margaret left England, the tapestry agent of Henry VII of England, Cornelius van der Strete, had been paid £7-8s (English money) for making or supplying seventy four Flemish ells of tapestry for the Scottish Consort Queen. 79-eighty citing Simon Thurley, The Royal Palaces of Tudor England yclas.allincluded.ro (Yale, Diamond Painting 1993), pp. Wiliam Thomson (1930), citing TNA SP 18/203 ff. Thomson (1815), 49: Labanoff, A., Lettres de Marie-Stuart, http://www.nodaland.com/xoops/userinfo.php?uid=3431 vol.

44: Thomson (1815), 126, Diamond Painting netherlands nos. 126, 133, 137, 144, 211-3, a second unique copy of the 1578 inventory in British Library MS. Harley 4637 has addition notation, together with the letter ‘S’ to indicate objects at Stirling. On 7 October 1584, the Master of Gray was made Keeper of the Wardrobe, including the tapestry, with all officers of the household commanded to reverence, acknowledge and obey him. The set could presumably have been The World collection, depicting various ethical allegories and together with a globe.

Five of the eleven tapestries destroyed at Kirk o’ Field had been from Huntly, the opposite were from a collection depicting a «Rabbit Hunt». Listed in the September 1561 inventory, ten items of History of Hunting and Hawking may have been a separate item originally belonging to James V, and maybe distinct from the six-piece set of the Hunting of the Sanglier (Wild Boar), and seven-piece Coningars (the Rabbit Hunt), Peinture Diamant listed in later inventories.

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