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The mystery of anthropology in music

Even the father of evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin, was puzzled by the human ability to perceive music and called this ability «the most mysterious of those that [humanity] is gifted with.»

Some academic thinkers — such as the cognitive scientist Stephen Pinker — have even questioned whether music has any special value at all.

In Pinker’s view, we only like music because it stimulates other, more important abilities of ours — the ability to recognize patterns, for example.

By itself, according to Pinker, it is of no value and acts only as an irritant to hearing.

If this were the case, web page would people all over the world spend so much of their life time playing and telegra.ph listening to music?

If you consider yourself a music freak, match your obsession with the Babinga attitude towards music. This Central African nation is known for its song and dance accompanying any activity — from collecting honey to hunting elephants.

The anthropologist Gilbert Rouget, who lived among the Babing representatives in 1946, www.spreaker.com found that not participating in the ritual of joint music-making was considered the worst crime among them.

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