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The printing press was developed in Europe by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. It allowed Bibles, secular books, printed music and more to be made in bigger quantities and reach more folks. The printing press meant that sheet music might be extra extensively disseminated. They began to include lyrics more dramatically into compositions and thought of music and poetry to be carefully related, in keeping with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In line with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, new applied sciences resulted within the invention of several new devices, including the harpsichord and violin family.

Scientists Symposium August 2013. • Recipient of the Hero Legacy Award from the San Francisco Human Rights Commission August 2013. • Keynote speaker at the eleventh Human Rights Gathering for the United Nations, Geneva, August 2013. • Keynote speaker at Dillard University, September 2013. • Participant at 92nd Street Y’s A night with Bud Mishkin’s 1 on 1 with Julian Bond and Harry Belafonte, October 2013.

• Keynote speaker at Cal Poly Tech, 5D Diamanten Malerei October 2013. • Keynote speaker at Royal Bank of Scotland’s First Diversity Conference, London, October 2013. • Guest speaker/participant on the NPR Race Card Project, Washington, DC, November 2013 • Keynote speaker at Disney Imagineering in Orlando, FL, Jan. 2014 • Keynote speaker at Florida International University, Miami, FL, Jan. 2014 • Keynote speaker Southeast Missouri State, Cape Girardeau, MO, Jan.

2014 • Keynote speaker Furman University, Greenville SC, Jan. 2014 • Panelist at the Detroit Association Of Black Organization 35th Annual State Of The Race Forum, Feb. 2014 • Honored by The Consulate General of Israel in NY, The Jewish Community Relations Council of NY, The Jewish National Fund at the Convent Baptist Church, NY, Feb. 2014 • Keynote Speaker Celebration 66th Anniversary of Israel, May sixth, 2014, Diamond Painting Kits UK Charles Schultz Museum, San Francisco, CA.

• Participating Panelist, Commemoration 50th Anniversary» Mississippi Voter Registration Summer of 1964″, June 5th, 2014, Temple Emanuel, San Jose, CA • Recipient of the 10th Annual National Black Pre-Law Conference & Law Fair Legendry Jurist Award, Diamond Painting Houston, October 25, 2014 • Keynote speaker at Northwestern Law School, Chicago, October 30th, 2014 • Panelist for the Andrew Goodman Foundation Awards, NYC, November 17, 2014 • Keynote speaker, Sierra Health Foundation, Sacramento, December 5, 2014 • Keynote speaker Cedar Sinai, Los Angeles, January 19, 2015 • Keynote speaker University of Central Florida, Orlando, January 22, 2015 • Keynote speaker Fairfield University, CT, February 4, 2015 • Honored by President Barack Obama, White House Oval Office, Pop Up Greeting Cards Feb, 2015 • Keynote speaker Cayuga County Prosecutor’s Office, February 20, 2015 • Keynote speaker MOAD, San Francisco, February 27, 2015 • Panelist at Mishkan Israel Congregation, Selma, March 8, 2015 • Keynote speaker UCSC, Santa Cruz, May 4, 2015 • Keynote speaker Indika Alliance, Minneapolis, June 17 2015 • Commencement speaker Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, June 20, 2015 • Panelist March On Washington Film Festival, (MOWFF), DC, Diamond Painting Netherlands July 21, 2015 • Civil Rights Ambassador, Andrew Goodman Foundation, Vote Everywhere, NJ, August 2015 • Keynote speaker Communications Network, San Diego, October 2, 2015 • Keynote speaker The Grand Lodge, DC, October 10, 2015 • Panelist, Barbara Lee and Elihu Harris Lecture Series, Oakland, November 7, 2015 • Keynote speaker Oklahoma City Business Ethics Consortium, Ok, November 12, 2015 • Keynote speaker at Northern California Grant makers, San Francisco, January 13, 2016 • Keynote speaker on the Pingrey School, Basking Ridge, NJ, January 15, 2016 • Keynote speaker at Cedar Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, January 18, 2016 • Keynote speaker at the San Francisco School, San Francisco, February 4, 2016 • Keynote speaker at Fenwick and West, Mountain View, February 18, 2016 • Speaker at Malibu Jewish Center, Malibu, February 19, 2016 • Speaker at IKAR, Los Angeles, February 20, 2016 • Panelist at Malibu Film Festival, February 20, 2016Keynote speaker at Georgetown University Law School Lecture Series, Washington DC, February 25, 2016 • Panelist for MOWFF April 15,2016 • Appeared in Film and wrote script for ABN AMBRO/Diamond Painting Netherlands • Keynote speaker for Project Victory, Santa Cruz, June 4, 2016 • Keynote speaker Wells Fargo, Charlotte NC, June 7, 2016 • Recipient of Human Dignity Ward by the YMCA Metropolitan Los Angeles, Jan 2017.

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