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She did not leave the stage, according to Anita Tsoi.

Anita Tsoi has denied rumors that she is retiring from her career as an artist. When she issued a remark about the upcoming «Fifth Ocean» performance at the State Kremlin Palace on October 1, 2021, rumors about her retirement from the stage began to spread. «The Fifth Ocean» will be the artist’s final large-scale exhibition, according to her; she has said that she will not be presenting any more large-scale show programming.

«Extremely impressionable, but not very attentive folks,» according to Anita Tsoi’s press office, webpage interpreted the artist’s words in their own way. — Either they were deafeningly de (and webpage some of them were not even present in the hall that evening). «Anita Tsoi exits the stage!» screamed the headlines. «The professional life of Anita Tsoi has come to an end!» «Anita Tsoi’s professional life has come to an end!» «Anita Tsoi’s career has come to an end!» and «Anita Tsoi’s career has come to an end!»

The artist claims that this has no bearing on her current circumstances.

«Was Anita Tsoi despatched to suck as fast as possible?» The comedian cracks jokes. — There was no mention of stepping down or leaving the stage. I declared directly from the Kremlin stage that the Fifth Ocean concert would be my final large-scale engagement as a stage director. In my career, I’ve given 11 performances, each of which has garnered the highest musical accolades and has become a stand-alone event. No other international celebrity has ever performed as many times as she has. That is all I have to say about the issue!

Anita Tsoi insists that her comments do not imply that she is «stepping down from the platform.»

«There will be solo concerts, new songs, and new videos,» the artist said. — The band is continuing hard at work on stage and in the studio, despite the fact that the video for «The Fifth Ocean» was only published a few days ago. I’m now working on another major surprise for my subscribers, which I’ll reveal before the end of the year. Please take your time bidding farewell… It’s much too early for that!

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