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Schwartz explained why he wanted to lead the Russian club

Sandro Schwartz, Dynamo head coach, explains the reason he decided a year ago to head the Moscow Club in an interview on Russia 24 TV with the SE writer Ilya Kazakov.

— A «mid-life crisis» might you term your vacation to Russia? It is an acknowledgement that a new route must be taken. A crisis isn’t necessarily terrible. Were you seeking in Russia for a fresh path?

— Nothing is related to age at all. I arrived here at this age. It occurred. We have had a substantial debate with the management. We have comprehended our tasks. I was persuaded that my route was a sort of challenge, and I was pleased to embrace it.

The ambition to win the crown I fully understand. I love all the fans that are not club indifferent. I can’t guarantee anything but I’m also extremely certain that we’ll do all possible to make the club renowned again and win something thanks to our daily efforts.

On 14 October 2020, the expert took over Dynamo’s leadership. The squad finished second in the rankings, earning 19 points, web site after the 9 rounds of Tinkoff RPL.

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