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Race: Aasimar (Stability)

In addition, each of your hands holds an incorporeal weapon or strikes with metaphysical power. Once on each of your turns, you’ll be able to deal additional pressure damage to one target if you deal injury to it with an attack or a spell. Each pair of arms does 4 points of power injury.

— Beast Man: They’re rabbit-folks.

— Going Native: While they have been presumably Fey creatures at one level, harengons have spent sufficient time on different worlds to be thought of Humanoids.

— In a Single Sure: They’re expectedly good jumpers, and can use a bonus action to make a «Rabbit Hop» that goes further as the harengon grows in level.

— Lucky Rabbit’s Foot: Harengon’s «Lucky Footwork» racial trait lets them use a response to add a small bonus to a Dexterity saving throw, potentially turning a failure into successful.

— Punny Name: genasi dnd Quoth Mordenkainen, «Here and gone. Fey puns are a menace!»

Half-Orc — In a latest Elder Scrolls Online column, I talked in regards to the «ugly» races and how these races are usually ostracized by «prettier» races. (Thanks, JRR Tolkien.) The same holds true in the Dungeons and Dragon’s universe, and although we can not play a full Orc in Neverwinter, we can step into the footwear of a Half-Orc. Due to the brutishness of this race, a lot of its racial skills and bonuses revolve around strength and dexterity:

A class of craftsmen that do loads of tinkering and infusing magical effects into gadgets. They’ll fill nearly any position with their gadgets and gizmos. Unfortunately this class requires A variety of Intelligence to be one, so even if you’ll be able to hold yourself off in battle along with your racial feats what use does your class have? Alchemist — The «I have a potion for that!» member of the get together. They will brew potions- with the precise materials- with a selection you can homebrew but by default, they can make potions for swiftness, boldness, reliance, flight, transformation, and even harming. The effects are momentary but can come very handy.Armorer — Tanky with tank mecha suits however has to watch out until they reach stage three since their AC is still fairly weak. It can be useful for a race that can handle and tank without the swimsuit.

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