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Professional Beggar Running a War on Death. Enemy Of Death

My fundamental supply of income from this site will likely be donations, but to get donations first I want traffic so that is what I can be making an attempt to do, along with extra frequent blog entries which I discover may give me concepts for things to do and Diamond Painting add content material which may be very useful for search engines like google. The primary issues I’ve with life at the moment are issues like suffering and aging.

I’ve posted below a few movies of Aubrey De Gray who could be very lively about immortality and life extension. Life is troublesome for a lot of, I believe it’s unattainable to avoid believing in issues which might be lies and improper and so forth all through our lives however most try as I do. I’ve moved on from religion now, however that triggered me alot of issues, Tapestry believing in something thats false and Diamond Painting Canada never true does that.

I am thinking alot of age extension at the moment. I could be alot less bored and properly I can be occupied. Like people read what I have to say precisely like what your studying now they usually pay me, they donate, for Diamond Painting reading, and Diamond Painting this textual content being read right now could be what they paid for, somewhat, when they donated together with the thing that I want a home they usually suppose it’s a good suggestion to present me money for Diamond Art Australia that as well and Diamond Painting of course all the opposite reasons which I haven’t considered yet but will use in all makes an attempt to generate profits.

This was simply a story of some coincidences and some mondegreens of a loopy individual I was actual sick though so they could of been doing one thing nice for me as there was nothing else they might do. I’m not sure methods to proceed — I am asking for donations for a house. It mainly has all of the moviez which were on this webpage to this point however with out all of the text inbetween. So send me a text. Onwards. I’m asking for donations because I want a house (and now as a result of this textual content shouldn’t be free muwahaha) well one of the ways I assumed I could do that is that my Dad is a builder and my brother is a plumber.

My plan to combat that is to attempt to operate this web site for an extended time period say 4-5 years and over that time combine concepts that will aid in receiving donations. I haven’t had any donations yet. I would simply be strolling around my house and with sadness say «blue» and over that six months I had many conversations with many people about «blue» but I will not inform you what was in these conversations (they new I used to be crazy in fact however blue ya realize it just made sense to me the loopy individual).

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