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Okko will broadcast a live concert by the «Kino» ensemble.

Okko multimedia service users will be able to view the Kino group’s concert, which took place in May 2021 at the CSKA Arena. It will be available in Full HD format beginning October 15, 2021, according to the video provider’s press department.

According to the performance’s description, «this is an uncommon occasion – the Kino group has not gathered in 30 years.» — The authentic voice of Viktor Tsoi, digitized from the original multichannel recordings of «Kino,» serves as the musical program’s base. The band has two original bass players from prior years, Alexander Titov and Igor Tikhomirov, web site as well as guitarist Yuri Kasparyan.

The goal of the event, according to the organizers, is to show how the Kino group’s performance may be done in the twenty-first century, with good modern sound and stage design. Although there was some improvisation and unique interpretations, the majority of the material was presented as accurately as possible to the source. Tikhomirov and Titov are in charge of their respective creative eras, late and early. The full group performed several of the tunes.

The concert is complemented with a specially created visual sequence — a nearly full-length video comprised of graphics, animation, new and archive material. By synchronizing video, light, and music, a full-fledged contemporary multimedia concert performance is generated. The visual component of the performance comprised Viktor Tsoi’s paintings, the abstract Suprematism of Kino covers, newsreels, small documentary inserts, and so on. The video was made by Firecat Films.

— This concert will be equally thrilling for those who have had the opportunity to hear Cinema live and, of course, for those who have not dreamed about it, — stated Okko service personnel. — Real keyboards are used in addition to the voice from the master tapes, which is typically not heard on albums. The concert contained all of the rare audio and musical sketches uncovered during the program’s production.

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