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Nowadays, Women Seek Out Gadgets That Are Well-designed, Durable And Easy To Make Use Of

Extra lately, gadget makers have begun paying more attention to what ladies really want — beyond coloration palettes. Although men nonetheless spend more than the ladies on shopper electronics — an average of $968 compared to $631 in 2010 — females’ monetary investment in the market isn’t negligible [source: Client Electronics Affiliation]. For instance, Новости ещё girls contributed about $90 billion to shopper electronics consumption in 2007 [supply: McGraw]. And the product features attracting these female dollars revolve around performance quite than just adorableness. Girls are inclined to seek out devices which are well-designed, durable and straightforward to make use of — kind of like a classic handbag [source: Marroitt].

There may be nevertheless a easy way to get around the red tape of on-line media and that’s simply to purchase physical copies of your favorite films, songs and games. Optical discs like CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray are still generally obtainable, and are yours to maintain. Digital backups can usually be made utilizing software program like iTunes and Handbrake. Audio and image high quality will also be a lot better than with streaming.

The Federal Reserve Bank of recent York is not your common financial institution and armored truckloads of gold bars aren’t your regular deposit. To maneuver this priceless and heavy foreign money — each gold bar weighs 27.4 pounds (12.4 kilograms) — the bank employs groups of gold stackers who work in shifts to avoid fatigue. Each stacker also wears magnesium-tipped boots ($500 a pair) to protect toes from dropped booty [supply: Klisz].

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