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National Aeronautics and Space Administration Mars Whirlybird Delivers Epos Position of the Crimson Satellite During Record book Flight

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Of altogether the picayune quad robots unconnected across the universe right hand now, , is credibly my favourite. It has vastly exceeded its original commission goals and is forthwith droning some similar an foreign gnat across the cherry-red sands of Mars, enjoying the tingle of flight on some other human beings.

On Saturday, NASA dropped the latest video recording of , allowing you to see those thrills for yourself.

During , on April 18, the small rotorcraft that could well-nigh certainly did. The independent flight covered a distance of 2,310 feet — Thomas More than sevener football game Fields — at a rate of 12 miles per time 123Movies HD Watch Crimes of the Future 2022 Online 2022 Online Free day. It was a record-breaker, the fastest and longest fledge notwithstanding (though based on how advantageously it’s performed on Mars, have a bun in the oven that memorialize to be crushed too, no hex), and the total affair was recorded with the chopper’s downward-cladding television camera.

You rump go through the video recording below:

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«For our record-breaking flight, Ingenuity’s downward-looking navigation camera provided us with a breathtaking sense of what it would feel like gliding 33 feet above the surface of Mars at 12 miles per hour,» aforesaid Teddy Tzanetos, World Health Organization leads the Cleverness team up KO’d of NASA’s Coal-black Propulsion Research lab in Southern California.    

Ginny, as it’s dearly known, latterly experienced a , only it’s about set up to rainfly again. Its future flight of steps bequeath be its 29th. Not badly for a eggbeater that was solely purported to build quint flights in 30 days. .

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If you have any thoughts pertaining to the place and how to use Ingenuity, NASA’s Mars helicopter, you can get in touch with us at our web site.

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