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Muay Thai in MMA

If talking about the sport of men, besides public sports such as football It would be inevitable about punching, boxing, or combat sports, right? This fighting sport is becoming popular all over the world is Mixed Martial Art (MMA). Both wrestling, taekwondo, karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu, international boxing and our hero Muay Thai, the rules are simple. Fight until someone gives up. or get knocked out including the loss from the referee

with rules that are relatively free to fight Muay Thai which is a martial art that can arm all parts of the body. It has become one of the most used martial arts in MMA fighting. Every athlete must have practiced Muay Thai. Muay Thai trainers are very popular in MMA camps. why is that So today we’re going to take friends to see what Muay Thai special moves that MMA fighters can use to knock down their opponents.

The Neck Kick, also known as the Head Kick, is a very effective basic kick. Compared to kicks in other martial arts, Muay Thai kicks are very powerful due to their heavy foot kicks. will open the forefoot and using the twisting of the waist or hips to create a strong centrifugal force and when the shin hits the neck stem Or the opponent’s head will go to nothing, friends. If you don’t fall asleep in the air, you lose your balance until you get hit again and lose in the end. And this is a basic kick, friends. It’s the move that holds the record for fast knockout in this kind of fight. with a time record of 1.13 seconds

Kick the lower cut or Low Kick in the local language, we call it puncture the tire. Well, with the intense kicks of a Muay Thai kick, in the early days many MMA fighters were unaware of the defense of the undercut kick. They have to lose their zenith with this ultimate skill for many times. Some were so severe that they had to wear a cast and carry them onto the stage.

Back elbow or Spinning back elbow at once, fell asleep, my friends, while the opponent thought we had missed. As we turn our backs on the couple The moment the opponent came to manipulate us Suddenly he encountered the centrifugal force of his elbow that hit the tip of his chin. It can be said that there is no need to repeat the referees to prepare to raise their hands.

Flying Knee, or Flying Knee, แทงมวยออนไลน์ is one of the classic ultimate moves we see so often in videogame battles. I can’t believe it was actually used in MMA fights. And it’s used often too. With a strong jump with alternating knees stabbed into the opponent’s chin. The result was an opponent lying in the middle of the stage. Importantly, this pose is an MMA fighter. will be used to solve the wrestling way who tend to like to run into their legs and catch us down to fight in a game that is better than their friends, imagine the opponent running at speed with their heads bowed to grab our legs And instead of gathering to meet our legs, it meets our floating knees instead. Believe it or not, friends, this event is the fastest knockout in UFC history, the world’s biggest weight. with a time statistic of 5 seconds

The story to be deposited today may invite your friends to be a bit more terrified. But I just want to make my friends proud of our ancient martial arts. That’s all. that the art of Muay Thai is accepted by people all over the world for fighting And it is unfortunate that nowadays Muay Thai martial arts in MMA It is mostly used by foreigners. Even many world-class champions use Muay Thai fights. Tackle opponents violently and efficiently. We may have a hero like Buakaw who is famous all over the world as the K-1 champion in kick boxing, but we are still missing the world-famous hero in the sport.

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