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Medical Waste Disposal (Medications And Needles)

Notice, Sharps Disposal Sign | Zing Green Products

In the town of Seattle, needles and different sharps must be disposed of in medical waste disposal containers. These can be found for buy through us, in addition to many local pharmacies or drug stores. The price for the container consists of the price to dispose of these hazardous items safely. Most frequently, you could return the total container to the store you initially purchased it from. Prices and policies vary by retailer, so please be at liberty to call us with questions or contact your local store for their info.

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— The waste should contain one of many chemicals listed on the P or U list;

— The chemical in the waste should be unused; and

— The chemical in the waste disposal container have to be in the type of a business chemical product.

The P-list identifies acute hazardous wastes from discarded business chemical merchandise and canopy a variety of pharmaceuticals. The U-record identifies hazardous wastes from discarded commercial chemical products and incorporates 21 drugs which might be mainly listed due to their toxicity.

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