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LiFePO4 Battery: Lithium Bicycle Vs Lead-Acid Battery Electric Vehicle

Over the years, has been excessive hopes for lithium bicycles, however has not performed in the home market, the place along with a strong rival lead-acid battery electric car components, this and Lithium Bicycle their own problems can’t get away. As we all know, final year the business accounted for lithium automobile manufacturing and gross sales of electric vehicles accounted for 10% of the full, that is three million. Based on the survey, which 3 million of the lithium automobile, not merely refers back to the lithium bike, however the lithium folding scooter, lithium steadiness car,lifePo4 batteries, including all the statistics included. This shows that last 12 months, together with lithium, together with bicycle sales within the home sales most likely less than 1.5 million.

So, this year’s sales of lithium bike how the state of affairs? The creator of some enterprises to interview, which has been engaged in foreign commerce checklist of lithium battery pack bicycle manufacturers, this yr’s sales are principally the identical as last yr, but prices fell slightly, quite the opposite, the domestic online procuring business will not be very good, very aggressive, The store business is more difficult. Entity store business is more difficult with the universality? The creator of a few of the stores to visit the vendor, come to the constraints of lithium bike is not good sales of the three foremost causes:

First, the identical trip the same mileage, lithium polymer battery pack lithium bicycle costs higher than the worth of lead-acid battery charter electric automobiles greater than 600 yuan, lithium bike along with light weight, the rest no benefit in any respect. If there are lower than 600 yuan worth lithium bike or fashion doesn’t look good, or in particular particulars of the problem, so that customers aren’t satisfied.

Second, the maintenance time is too lengthy. If the lithium battery bike battery failure, resembling riding mileage can not meet the requirements, or cost do not go in, the dealer can only send the battery to the manufacturers. From sending to receive a battery pocket down, as quick as every week, long time is half a month. Consumers restore the battery for therefore lengthy, most are impatient, and business conflicts intensified.

Third, the substitute of the price of the battery to shoppers shock. One has been operating for more than 10 years of electric automotive vendor instructed the writer that he’s the first lithium battery bike supplier, and a few customers buy a lithium battery used to replace the battery when the store got here to the enterprise requirements to replace the battery, a Inquire to substitute the price of lithium batteries even greater than buy a brand new lead-acid battery electric automobiles greater than half, scared no longer change the lithium battery, and take direct to purchase a new lead-acid battery electric car method.

Restrictions on the sale of lithium bicycles the three major problems, for manufacturers may be very clear. In fact, the three major issues is the core of the maintenance time is too long. As manufacturers, the less more likely to take free spare lithium battery to the business. If you achieve this, lithium polymer battery pack once the seller enterprise does not go down the spare lithium battery to the quantity away, the manufacturers on the big loss. You know, spare lithium battery to the enterprise, which means that it is a free present enterprise. In case you have any kind of questions with regards to exactly where and also how to make use of lithium ion battery (click through the following post), it is possible to contact us at the web site. A seller selling a number of automobiles a month, but in addition standby lithium battery, though the proportion of the variety of spare less, but more sellers, corporations have to tug out a lot lithium battery, irrespective of how rich and highly effective, it won’t achieve this Of the business, not to mention the worth of lithium batteries is now playing the more fierce battle, the revenue would have been very low. Therefore, to solve the problem of restricting the lithium battery bike sales knot, I am afraid that isn’t a matter of time could be resolved.

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