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Important nutrients of tomatoes

Tomatoes were first discovered in western South America as well as the Galapagos Islands. by the first variety of tomatoes The plants that are planted are expected to resemble cherry tomatoes. Which is smaller than the tomatoes that are sold today. Tomatoes were cultivated in Mexico before spreading to other countries.

The benefits of nutrients in tomatoes are many as follows.

Vitamin C

There are many in tomatoes and its main function is to help repair the worn out parts of the body, heal the skin, prevent the deterioration of the skin. Strengthens the gums, nourishes the gums, prevents scurvy or scurvy

Vitamin C plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen. Which is an important component of the skin, bones and joints because vitamin C helps the body absorb iron and folic acid better. which results in the wound healing faster prevent easy bleeding Help build red blood cells, stimulate immunity in white blood cells. Prevent and treat colds and help reduce symptoms of illness caused by allergies

Vitamin A

Tomatoes contain two forms of vitamin A, retinoids and carotenoids. (Carotenoids), which is another important antioxidant. Helps prevent skin deterioration reduce inflammation of acne Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles on the skin Repair skin damaged by sunlight Reduce the occurrence of melasma from sunlight. eye care strengthens bones and teeth strengthen the reproductive system

Vitamin B1

It is important for the metabolic process to get energy. help in the functioning of the brain help in the formation of red blood cells make you feel fresh and lively create a feeling of energetic

Vitamin B2

Helps in the work of metabolic processes to turn into energy for the body. Strengthen the growth of the body and the reproductive system. It is necessary for pregnant women for the development of their babies. It is a component in building hair, skin and nails, nourishes eyes, helps to see. Help strengthen the body’s immune system (Antibody), which is a type of protein in the blood. It is responsible for capturing foreign substances that invade the body such as various germs, bacteria, viruses, etc.

Vitamin B3

It is necessary for metabolic processes. improves the efficiency of oxygen consumption within the cells It is important for the nervous system and hormone production. Helps maintain sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood lower blood pressure stimulate blood circulation A healthy body can produce vitamin B3. by yourself as well

Vitamin B5

as an aid in the metabolic process To generate energy, อาหารสุขภาพ — check out here — stimulate the immune system, reduce stress, make the skin and hair healthy. It has a continuous effect to make the wound heal faster. helps to digest fat

Vitamin B6

It has the same properties as other B vitamins. that contributes to the metabolism to convert into energy It also helps regulate sex hormone levels. thus helping to relieve menstrual pain Reduce inflammation of the skin Helps to strengthen gums and teeth related to the functioning of the nervous system Necessary to create white blood cells and other substances. to build immunity

Vitamin B9 or folate

It is another important vitamin in the building of nerve cells and the brain. help in the formation of red blood cells It is a substance that the body needs to create new cells, such as fetal cells. Damaged skin cells, etc. Folate is normally found in meat, so folate in tomatoes is very beneficial for vegetarians. or lack of eating meat who often suffer from anemia or thalassemia Most of the patients will have anemia. stunted body The face structure is usually flat or rectangular with broken legs and arms, enlarged liver, bloated belly, and, most importantly, a red rash.

Vitamin E

beneficial to the skin reduce inflammation Repair and moisturize the skin It is an important antioxidant in the prevention of cancer and heart disease. Reduce fat and prevent blood clotting Help break up blood clots to prevent blood clots. Helps regulate body temperature Reduce hot flashes in postmenopausal women Helps the functioning of vitamin A more complete. Preventing cataracts and macular degeneration as we age. Helps accelerate wound healing and prevent scarring It is also a vitamin that helps increase sperm in males.

beta-carotene, alpha-carotene

Has properties to help prevent carcinogens. Scientifically known as antioxidants. or antioxidants


It is a substance found in most parts of the body. related to the functioning of the nervous system Help deliver oxygen to the brain, thus making the brain clear. and related to the heartbeat help reduce high blood pressure Reduce the risk of stroke It also helps to build strength especially for athletes and reduce fatigue from sweating caused by exercise.


It is an important component of red blood cells. It helps to create a red substance called hemoglobin, which serves to transport oxygen to cells and carbon dioxide to be eliminated. prevent anemia Helps reduce menstrual pain helps to meditate


The body needs phosphorus because it must be combined with calcium to form a calcium phosphate compound. which is an important component of bones and teeth Help maintain bone density, increase bone strength. Helps fractured bones return to normal faster Help strengthen the function of vitamin B complex, strengthen the athletes. decreased levels of calcium in the urine Prevents the formation of kidney stones


It is a substance necessary for metabolic processes to convert into energy and the secretion of the hormone insulin. which controls blood sugar levels It improves the functioning of the nervous system, reduces stress. It also helps repair damaged cells. Reduce the incidence of heart attacks and diseases in the blood vessels. Regulates the activity of calcium that affects bones and teeth. and help relax muscles Reduce menstrual pain in women And it also helps reduce stomach acid as well.


It is necessary to build bones. reduce osteoporosis It helps the nervous system work such as depression, making it easier to have children, especially in females. Helps synthesize thyroid hormones which is a hormone that controls energy metabolism in the body

Helps control blood sugar levels Help transport oxygen as well as other nutrients to different parts of the body. Accelerate the activity of various enzymes as well. Manganese is necessary for the formation of collagen. This is the tissue that helps the skin to be flexible, moisturized and soft. It helps the skin wounds heal faster as well.

amino acid

Tomatoes contain an important amino acid, glutamic, and other important acids, such as citric acid, which give tomatoes a sour taste. The malic acid is the smallest digested protein that also contains enzymes to help digest it. Help build cells with chlorophyll that helps build and maintain red blood cells as well.


It is a substance in the carotenoid group. It is an antioxidant that inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Help maintain moisture to the skin, reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays such as sunburn, dull skin from sunlight. reduce the incidence of skin cancer


Help slow down the deterioration of cells throughout the body. including skin It is also an important component of the retina. It has properties that help in getting the image of the retina.


It has the same properties as lutein. Is to help slow down the deterioration of the skin and other cells of the body, helping to reduce wrinkles.


It has the same properties as lutein. Help protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

Eating food is very important. SN Healthy Food recommends that if we choose to eat properly. There is no need to rely on any magic.

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