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How to Download Clipping Magic Images without Paying

id=»mod_26390674″>clippingmagic.com used to be a free online service that could instantly remove image backgrounds form your photos with ease and was a major boon for users who aren’t good with masking and background removing techniques of Photoshop or other similar software’s which require certain technical skill to use them or the other easy to use software’s that are either too costly or mostly free versions which leave behind a bookmark on the edited images, making them useless to be used for further editing. Clipping magic was the only available online service that was free and was very easy to use all thanks to the builders of clipping magic who put together lots of hard work to blend in lots of advanced features into the service without complicating the image editing process for users making it the ultimate service for image background removal for both beginners and professional users. But with the service now longer a free service, people are devastated and are desperately looking for alternatives, but worry not there is a clipping magic alternative that existed long before clipping magic did but is not that advanced as clipping magic but will certainly serve the purpose when it comes to downloading edited clipping magic images without having to pay for them, so without any further delay let’s begin. 🙂

In terms of Ease of Image Editing which is better ?

Clipping Magic



Instant Mask

Other Softwares

See results Using the Magic of Clipping Magic

Without a doubt clipping magic clearly beats it’s fellow image editing counterparts by a margin when it comes to the ease of removing image backgrounds and searching for a free alternative to the service might not be fruitful as most of them require the user to learn some basic Photoshop skills and most of all image editing would look dull after you migrate from being a clipping magic user to a nerdy image editor. ☻ Well the best part is that clipping magic still allows its users to use its image editing service by only disabling the download buttons which needs one to become a paid user in order to access all your downloads. Well in this tutorial I will show you how to download edited clipping magic images without having to pay for them in order to access your downloads. Stick together this is a short and quick article to get you your super cool clipped images instantly.

Instructions to Follow

1. Firstly visit the clipping magic website (clippingmagic.com) and upload a desired image from which you wish to remove the background image and wait for the service to process your request as it gets ready with its available tools for your image.

Visit the clipping magic website and upload a desired photo from which you wish to remove the image background 2. Now that Your Image is all processed and ready for image editing use the green tool from the top toolbar to mark a general outline of your image which you wish to keep. Use a smaller brush size for narrower object sizes and avoid highlighting the entire object with green marking, just add a general line skeleton.

Use the green marking on main center stage characters to keep the images while removing background using clipping magic 3. Now just like the green marking use the red marking for the background to remove the background image from your image which will only keep the green marked object. Again avoid highlighting too much and just add in key markings to avoid removal of undesired objects apart from the background image.

Use the red marking tool of clipping magic to remove the background from the images You will be able to see the result instantly on the right hand side result window as the background gets removed from your photo. In case of mismatched markings erase them with the blue erase tool.

4. Now that your image is ready and all background free, http://dichvuthetindung.vn/dao-han/dao-han-the-tin-dung-rut-tien-the-tin-dung-tai-tphcm/ avoid pressing the download button as it won’t work without you being a paid user or become one as it will take you to the pricing plans. Instead use any good image capture software and take a snapshot of your background free image in the results section and save it under a desired name for further editing.

Now take a snapshot of the background free image in the result window of clipping magic and save it 5. Now that you have a taken a snapshot of your background free image you will notice it still has the fenced background from the clipping magic results window. Now in order to remove that we will use the clipping magic alternative that is none other than Microsoft office. Now in order to remove the fenced background open either Microsoft word or Microsoft PowerPoint and export the snapshot into Microsoft PowerPoint.

Open the snapshot of the clipping magic image in microsoft office word or powerpoint using the insert tab from the top toolbar to insert pictures 6. Now expand the image while maintaining the aspect ratio (works automatically on Microsoft word) and click on the image to get the option of background removal in the top editing toolbar for the image.

Click on the image to get formatting options of removing background on the top right corner of the top toolbar under picture tools 7. Upon clicking background removal for your exported photo you will get similar tools as the clipping magic service that is the red, green and the blue markings with respective functions of removing the background image, keeping the main object and erasing any mismatched markings. Simply use the tools as clipping magic and you will end up with a background free image.

Extend the background removal window over the whole picture and use green and red markings to keep and remove backgrounds instantly just like clipping magic Background Eraser Remover — Superimpose Transparent Photo Editor Buy Now Make sure to extend the background removal window over the whole picture and use the red and green markings to remove or keep images. Here pink color represents the removed area and a preview of the resultant window can be visible on the left hand side slide view toolbar. Make sure to press «keep changes» after you are done editing to get a background free image.

8. Now that your image is background free simply right click on your image and choose the «Save as picture» option to save your background free photo with your desired name and location.

Right click on the background free image and choose «save as picture» option to save it under your desired name and location 9. Hurray you just learned how to successfully download your edited image from clipping magic without having to pay a penny for the occasional image editing tasks. 😀 Some of you might think of using Microsoft office directly but it might not work the way you thought due to absence of many advanced features which you can read it in the tips section.

Tadaa the image is successfully background free and the best part is you didn’t had to pay a single penny for it A Quick Short Video Tutorial

If you are planning on buying a subscription at clipping magic and don’t edit images that frequently than I suggest scheduling all your image editing to a specific month and then going for the light subscription plan of $2.99 per month plan (very decent price) as it will come in handy in getting a bulk of your images background free one by one or if you are a fan of bulk editing than you can opt for standard clipping magic subscription plan of $7.99 per month which allows you to do bulk editing to remove background images from your photos in bulk.

The Crowning Magical Tips

You can also use Microsoft Office directly for removing background image from your photos directly as an clipping magic alternative but it will take comparatively more amount of time when compared to clipping magic due to unavailability of many advanced features which involve automatic sensing of the desired background pixel colors which are unavailable in Microsoft Office. Besides that desired results might not be the same when edited directly using Microsoft Office.

I recommend using 2010 and above versions of Microsoft Office for your second part of the image editing for background removals as the feature might be absent in previous versions of Microsoft Office or lack certain features when compared to the newer versions.

You can use Microsoft Office word or PowerPoint directly for flat images whose background consists of extensive plain colors instead of a combination of several pixelated colors as the latter often gives a vague pixelated result when compared to fine edited flat colors which go background free in blink of a touch

If you want sharper edge details and also wish to explore this with Microsoft office 2007 and below versions then it takes a slightly different concept of transparency of background colors where in solid backgrounds are preferred and can be easily obtained with clipping magic image editor. Below is a short tutorial which will take you through the walk through.

Using the Technique in MS Office 2007 and below versions

Clipping Magic No Longer Free

(click column header to sort results)

Cost per Month Credits Added per Month Bulk Editing Unused Credits limit

$2.99 15 credits Not Available 75

$7.99 100 credits Available 500

$14.99 500 credits Available 2500

The Above values might change. For up to date subscription plans check clippingmagic.com How often do you edit Images ?

5-10 per week

15-20 per week

20-50 per week

50-100 per week

More than 100 per week

See results Salient Facts about Clipping Magic Subscription Plans

Well if some of you are planning on buying a subscription plan from clipping magic than this information will come in quite handy for you. Remember each subscription gives you credit which you can use to download your images (1 credit =1 download), in short although you can edit so many of your photos you will still be able to download a limited number of them. So here check out the subscription plans:

Canceling a subscription cancels the available credits as well.

Downloading a Result Multiple Times counts as 1 (1 credit)

You can upload and edit as many images you want but main motive downloading will depend upon your available credits

Now go ahead and put your social networks to good use and share the useful information with your friends and family and have fun removing backgrounds from images with ease even though clipping magic goes from being a free service to being a paid service. However do consider getting a subscription in case you fall in to the category of frequent clipping magic user or consider learning some basic photoshop skills of masking and removing backgrounds from images.

Do leave your comments and suggestions about this article and in case you found some new way of downloading of removing background images from clipping magic or similar software than do mention them in the comment section below. Have a nice day ! =) ♥♥♥


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sendingsukadev mallik

13 months ago

o yeaas


3 years ago

These are really very useful information. Thank’s!!!


3 years ago

Bro! you nailed it, Awesome.


4 years ago

yeaaah. doesn’t work. only takes the left image


4 years ago

How can i download it?


4 years ago

Clipping magic is the most advanced tools for photo cutouts but it is not free. So here is another clipping magic clone which has similar interface and features line drawing edge, marking foreground and background, feathering and bluring, zoom and pan, background preview with different colors and many more. Try it here editphotosforfree.com/photoapps/remove-background-from-image-online


4 years ago

Hi! For some reason, the java bookmark route is only downloading the left side picture with all the red/green/yellow =( please help!


4 years ago

YOU SIR ARE A GENIUS!!!! HAHA this works & I saved money 😀


5 years ago

Mmmm, so you said that we avoid a paying software recommending other… Yeah, coherence


5 years ago from Netherlands

Great work Michal ! 🙂 It works perfectly, I will include it in the post


5 years ago

Hi, there is an easier way. Add this link to bookmarks and use clipping magic. When you are done open the bookmark and save the image that appeared. You can crop it in an online tool.

This is the link:

javascript:(function()var canvas = document.getElementById(«app-view»).children[1]; var img = canvas.toDataURL(«image/png»);window.open(img);)();

Mel Carriere

5 years ago from San Diego California

What a shame. I’ve never used the program, but it looks like it was definitely useful. Great hub.


5 years ago from Netherlands

Glad you found it useful @Audrey ! ♥ Have a nice day ahead ! ♫ 🙂

Audrey Howitt

5 years ago from California

Very handy hub! Great info to know —we all need to find ways to work with art in our hubs and your explanation is so clear!


5 years ago from Netherlands

Thanks Suzanne and Sara for the useful suggestions !

Hmm blurred edges is possible you just have to choose the option from the bottom toolbar and apply the effect , you can even choose your own background ! 🙂

Suzanne Day

5 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Pretty handy — it seems to do a rather good job of clipping too! I’d use it if it took me longer than 2 mins to clip an image (I’ve clipped thousands). My only suggestion would be to see if there is a «blur edges» function in the program as blurring edges makes it blend better into the background. Voted useful!


5 years ago

And also, when you’re done removing the background in clipping magic, you could simply right click on the result image on the right side of the page and click view image and once you view it you can save it. It may look like it still has the background but it doesn’t. God bless clipping magic for this cute blunder 🙂


5 years ago


Ravi and Swastha

5 years ago from London, Canada

Please keep publishing such tips Geniusknight. These are really very useful information and useful for many folks like us.


5 years ago from Netherlands

Thank you so much @choosetolive ! 🙂 Have a Nice day! ♥

Ravi and Swastha

5 years ago from London, Canada

Good tips. I will try it when the time comes. Useful information. Voted up.

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