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How Long Can I Keep In South Korea And Not Using A Visa?

A Korean visa issued by the Korean embassy or consular offices from a tourist’s country of origin is required until travelers are passport holders from a country eligible for visa-free entry.

Citizens traveling to South Korea for tourism from more than one hundred nations are now permitted to enter and travel round South Korea visa-free for a restricted amount of time, and, beneath specific situations.

Travelers from 96 visa-exempt countries must now get their South Korea ETA to enter the nation. The Korean on-line visa is straightforward to obtain. Applying online takes a few minutes.

Countries below South Korea Visa Waiver Settlement

Vacationers from the nations listed by the South Korean authorities that fall under a Visa Waiver Settlement with Korea are permitted visa-free entry for 30 to 90 days, besides Canadian travelers (180 days).

The period for which overseas nationals are allowed to stay in South Korea without being required to use for a visa will depend on a traveler’s nationality.

Residents of Designated International locations & Areas Granted Visa-Free Entry to South Korea

Residents from eligible international locations are granted completely different visa-free stay durations in South Korea depending on their country of origin.

Canadian passport holders are allowed the longest visa-free keep in South Korea. Tourists from Canada are allowed to enter and journey around Korea for as much as 180 days.

Nationalities Allowed to remain Visa-Free in South Korea for 90 days

Residents and passport holders from the next nations are allowed to stay in South Korea for up to ninety consecutive days without making use of for a visa:

— Algeria

— Antigua & Barbuda

— Armenia

— Austria

— The Bahamas

— Bangladesh

— Barbados

— Belarus

— Belgium

— Belize

— Benin

— Bolivia

— Brazil

— Bulgaria

— Cape Verde

— Chile

— Colombia

— Commonwealth of Dominica

— Costa Rica

— Croatia

— Cyprus

— Czech Republic

— Denmark

— Dominican Republic

— Ecuador

— Egypt

— El Salvador

— Estonia

— Finland

— France

— Gabon

— Georgia

— Germany

— Greece

— Guatemala

— Haiti

— Hungary

— Iceland

— India

— Ireland

— Israel

— Italy

— Jamaica


— Jordan

— Kazakhstan

— Kuwait

— Laos

— Latvia

— Liberia

— Liechtenstein

— Lithuania

— Luxembourg

— Malaysia

— Malta

— Mexico

— Moldova

— Mongolia

— Morocco

— Mozambique

— Myanmar

— Netherlands

— New Zealand

— Nicaragua

— Norway

— Oman

— Pakistan

— Panama

— Peru

— Poland

— Romania

— Russia

— Saint Kitts and Nevis

— Saint Lucia

— St Vincent & The Grenadines

— Singapore

— Slovakia

— Spain

— Surinam

— Sweden

— Switzerland

— Tajikistan

— Thailand

— Trinidad and Tobago

— Turkey

— Ukraine

— United Arab Emirates

— United Kingdom


— Uruguay

— Vanuatu

— Venezuela

— Vietnam

Nationalities Allowed to stay Visa-Free in South Korea for 60 days

Visitors from the next nations are permitted to spend as much as 60 days in South Korea without a visa:

— Cambodia

— Lesotho

— Portugal

— Russia

— Uzbekistan

Nationalities Allowed to stay Visa-Free in South Korea for 30 days

Vacationers visiting South Korea from the following countries can spend up to 30 days there without being required to use for a visa:

— Angola

— Azerbaijan

— China

— Tunisia

— Turkmenistan

Nationals from a number of nations must now apply online for their K-ETA to visit South Korea. This can be a necessary entry requirement, and eligible travelers will need to have a legitimate Okay-ETA to enter.

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