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Health food for life

Refers to food that has been eaten will help good health. which will have the following components: type of food variety of food Adequate amount of food, water, and intake of essential minerals and vitamins

Nowadays, Thai people are becoming more and more interested in health food choices. There were campaigns against smoking, drinking and exercising. From past statistics, thetastefood.com it was found that Thai people And people around the world have a very high rate of death from cardiovascular disease. The main cause is the imbalance of food intake. and exercise It can also cause diabetes , high blood pressure, osteoporosis , obesity and some cancers. When you eat quality food Together with proper exercise, you will be in good health. nutrition society Hypertension Association have jointly formulated a diet that does not focus on energy alone but will focus on nutrients and exercise The topics discussed are as follows.

The food you eat must have enough energy. and have enough nutrients

general grouphealthy food

Eat a variety of food to complete the five food groups. By avoiding foods , saturated fat [Saturated fat], Tranfatty acid , sugar , salt and alcohol.

The amount of energy received should not exceed the rated value.

People over 50 should be given vitamin B12 supplements.

Pregnant women or planning a pregnancy should take iron supplements. and foods high in vitamin C to increase iron absorption.

Pregnant women or planning a pregnancy should supplement their diet with folic acid.

Older people with darker or sunburnt skin should get a vitamin D supplement.

food type recommendation

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. By eating 2 glasses of fruit juice a day, 2 cups of vegetables a day.

To have a variety of fruits and vegetables. alternate all the time

Eat a handful of grains a day, such as nuts, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds.

Consume 3 cups of skim milk or skim milk products daily.

food recommendations for children

Children and adolescents need to eat grains frequently. Children 2-8 years old should have two glasses of skim milk per day. Children over 9 years should have three.

food group

Choose to eat enough fruits and vegetables. The energy intake must not exceed the threshold. For example, a person with 2000 kcal of energy should receive no more than 21/2 cups of vegetables or 2 cups of fruit.

Choose from 5 groups of fruits and vegetables, chopped back and forth.

to eat the components of whole grains or whole grains such as rice, at least 3 portions a day

Drink 3 cups of skim milk a day.

1 group of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and fruits are a great source of nutrients for the body as shown in the table below.

Eating fruits and vegetables will provide the body with enough fiber.

Each type of fruit and fruit provides different nutritional value. So have to switch each week. Divide vegetables into 5 types and the amount you should be eating each week.

3 cups of green vegetables per week

2 cups yellow leafy vegetables per week

3 beans per week

Starchy vegetables (head vegetables) 3 beans per week

6 1/2 other vegetables per week

2 whole grains

Whole grains are a source of dietary fiber and nutrients. Generally, grains are composed of husks, bran, propagation parts. and food for breeding When we remove the husks, all the grains are left. When we scrub it, we lose important vitamins, minerals, lignans, phytoestrogens, phenolic compounds, and phytic acid. some before selling It is recommended that you consume at least 3 ounces of whole grain food daily, for example for grain-based flours.

3 tips for fatty foods

Eat a diet high in saturated fat , not more than 10% of the energy intake, or no more than 300 grams of cholesterol per day. and avoid trans fatty acid

The amount of energy obtained from fat must not exceed 30% of the total volume and should be polyunsaturated

and monounsaturated fatty acids from plants and nuts.

When eating meat, choose meat that is low in fat. such as tenderloin or unwrap the skin and the fat

Reduce the intake of saturated fat and trans fatty foods.

For infants 2–3 years old, 30–35% fat intake; for children 4–18–25–35% fat, and the source of fat should be unsaturated fat. polyunsaturated and monounsaturated

fatty acids, such as fish, nuts and vegetable oils

Selection of cooking oil Must choose oil with less saturated fat. Choose the type of oil to suit the type of seasoning. and use the proper amount of fat

4 recommendations for starchy food

Eat starchy foods that are high in fiber. including fruits and vegetables

Cooking doesn’t add too much salt or sugar.

Prevent tooth decay by reducing sugar and beverages.

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