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Eat by color zone of healthy food

อาศรมวงศ์สนิท Wongsanit AshramA simple principle of sustainable health is change. consumption behavior Choose foods that contain energy that is suitable for

The amount of use should not refrain or fast of any type of food.

But should reduce and manage the amount of food as the table below will help to understand which foods should be consumed, which should be reduced, and which must be controlled

Should eat every day, recommend 6 good, useful food

I believe that all readers would like to be healthy and strong. Because health is one of the most important matters in every human life.

In fact, our bodies have to work hard. The energy used each day can really be called a lot. The main thing that will replace the best would be good and useful food. and should be far away from foods that adversely affect the health of the body

Today on the side of SN Food, a company that provides various support services in hospitals with international standards Food work in leading hospitals under world-class standards I would like to ask permission to recommend 9 good foods that I would recommend readers to eat every day. for good health and strength with the following

Revealed 6 good food is useful!


I must say that oranges are considered a fruit that contains vitamins. and many kinds of minerals especially vitamin C That will help your body feel refreshed to start working each day. Including helping to build collagen, reduce wrinkles, thetastefood.com build the immune system for the body. It can also help prevent coronary heart disease as well.


One of the best vegetables in the cabbage family. This kale is regarded as a source of minerals, vitamins and many nutrients. Especially in the top of kale, it is full of vitamins C, including mineral salt. This kale can help prevent cancer. Helps prevent anemia prevent cataract prevent osteoporosis help nourish the skin slow down cell degeneration balancing hormones, etc. Isn’t it surprising that we recommend readers to eat kale every day? for good health and strength


I must say that in this era Many of you have begun to turn to consuming broccoli in large numbers due to the fact that there are many studies citing broccoli as one of the healthiest vegetables. Because broccoli is rich in Vitamin C and Beta Carotene That helps in reducing the chances of heart disease. Contains vitamin E to reduce the destruction of blood vessels from these bad fats. It is also rich in flavonoids that help prevent the risk of heart failure as well. These properties are not surprising, right? We recommend you to eat every day.


It must be said that sweet potatoes are rich in many important health food sources such as carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and the antioxidant beta-carotene, among others. Helping to prevent many diseases such as treat vitamin A deficiency prevent constipation prevent diabetes including preventing hepatitis, etc.

So many features If able to eat every day It is recommended that you do not miss it. Because it is definitely good for your health.


I believe that many of you probably already know very well that Fish is very beneficial to the health of the body. It can be said that our life is difficult without eating fish for sure. Because fish contain vitamins. and many beneficial minerals such as vitamin B12, omega 3 and omega six, which are good fats that the body cannot produce on its own. Contributes to the reduction of cholesterol in the blood.

Fish also play a part in helping to nourish the skin. strengthen bones prevent heart disease Including being involved in the prevention of certain types of cancer as well.


If talking about eggs I believe that many of you would be eating regularly every day. which if someone is already eating regularly I want to say that it’s great. Because eggs are full of nutrients that the body needs such as protein, zinc, vitamins A, D, E and B12, they also provide very little energy, only 85 kcal per egg. Make sure eating eggs is not fat.

The eggs can help in terms of building immunity. Helps nourish the brain and nervous system Reduce the risk of cataracts It also helps in the maintenance of memory as well.

All in all, these are 6 super foods that are highly recommended if possible. should be eaten every day for good health And helps in preventing various diseases as well.

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