Отдых под парусом

Dmitry Malikov gave a speech in which he paid respect to himself (listen)

The homage to Dmitry Malikov was first shown on internet platforms. Philip Kirkorov («More, more»), Arthur Pirozhkov («You will never be mine»), Nyusha («Mom-summer»), Denis Klyaver («Marriage cortege «), Aya from » City-312 «(» Lola «), and others appear. The song «The World Without Your Love,» which was originally released as a solo single, homepage is performed by Anna Pletneva and Dmitry Malikov in a duet. The homage was issued under Dmitry Malikov’s label.

— It’s wonderful that my work lives on through the work of my friends and colleagues, — Dmitry Malikov said about the release to the fans. — Of course, our children are our primary continuance, but our songs are also, in some ways, our children. Personally, site I am thankful to my friends and coworkers for taking an interest in my work. I hope that many of them will find a new lease on life.

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