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Chinese cabbage in the garden anti-cancer health menu

eating It is an indicator of our physical health. If we eat foods that are useful. Healthy food, of course, will give us a healthy body. But if we have the wrong eating behavior It will affect our body. Make us sick and sick, so that we can have good health. We must choose foods that are beneficial to the body. And must keep exercising regularly for the body to build immunity to the body. I must say At present, the health food It has received a lot of attention because most of the people Turned to pay more attention to their own health. And now, healthy food is like a drug. It is a food that is beneficial to the body.

In addition to the macronutrients that are essential to the body, it may also help reduce the risk of various diseases. And most importantly, eating hygienic food will help us to have a healthy body. And will result in good mental health as well. Today on SN Food, healthy food, we will introduce healthy food menus that are easy to make and have a lot of benefits as well. Contributes to enhancing immunity And help in the fight against cancer as well. By the time we will present today is Chinese cabbage in the garden The lettuce is a vegetable that is very nutritious. high in dietary fiber It will also help fight cancer. It also stimulates intestinal motility. Makes food waste soft, easy to excrete and helps to cure constipation as well. For อาหารสุขภาพ those who want to turn to try healthy eating. I was able to bring this recipe to the menu. Can go to try and eat. It is considered to be another dish that is not difficult to make. Plus, it’s full of benefits as well.

The ingredients for this menu are 1 head Chinese cabbage, rice bran oil, garlic cloves, finely chopped, minced pork tenderloin, seasoning sauce, oyster sauce, granulated sugar, ground pepper, glass noodles, soaked in water until soft, sliced, chopped carrots, sliced ​​black ear mushrooms. Basil leaves, mint leaves, water, a pinch of salt water mixed with ice For the garden sauce mix It consists of chopped coriander root, garlic, green garden chilli, lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar. By pounding the coriander roots and garlic into pieces. Add garden chili peppers and pound thoroughly. Season with lime juice, fish sauce and sugar. Ladle into a bowl and set it aside. Then cut the root of the Chinese cabbage and peel off the lettuce leaves one by one. and bring water to a boil Add a little salt Add cabbage leaves and blanch until soft. Scoop up and soak in water mixed with ice to maintain its green color. Scoop up and set aside to drain. Prepare to stir-fry fillings by heating up a pan with rice bran oil. Add garlic and stir fry until fragrant. Add pork and stir-fry until cooked. Season with seasoning sauce, oyster sauce. Sugar and ground pepper Stir to combine, add vermicelli, carrots and black ear mushrooms. Stir until the mixture is slightly dry. The last step is Remove the drained cabbage leaves and place them on a clean cutting board. Put the fried stuffing in the middle of the leaves, add 2-3 basil leaves and mint leaves each, fold it up nicely, cut it in half and serve with garden dipping sauce. Just like this, you will get a healthy menu that is delicious and filling your stomach as well. For the benefits of white cabbage, the hero in this menu, is to help strengthen the immune system. Contains calcium to help strengthen is to help strengthen the immune system Contains calcium to help strengthen is to help strengthen the immune system Contains calcium to help strengthen

Bones and teeth help nourish the body, nourish the body, help the appetite. eat more help quench thirst Helps to make muscles work normally. Calcium contributes to the reduction of high blood pressure. It also helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In terms of anti-cancer Some research suggests that Chinese cabbage extract may have some cancer-preventing effects. It has been found that the compounds may help prevent cancer-causing cellular processes. Reduce the incidence of liver tumors from the stimulation of aflatoxin substances.

Therefore, we should choose nutritious food because SN Food is healthy food. We want everyone to be in good health. which has always emphasized that everyone chooses to eat nutritious food in the right amount for the needs of the body And most importantly, should keep exercising to keep the body healthy. far from disease and have good health

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