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Château Louis XIV

Reply: I’ve checked out La Barge hand-painted mirrors however I have never seen any of them from the 1990s. There are lots of them from the 1960s, Diamond Painting Australia 70s, and 80s. Prices are wherever from $500 and upwards of $2000. Question: diamond painting nederland I have a La Barge mirror displaying it was hand-painted in 1995. I’m seeing them go for $1,600 online from the 1980s. What ought to I list mine for? Reply: Diamond Painting It would be the best way to search out out by taking photographs of the mirrors and showing them to a local antique dealer or add the images to online appraisal sites.

Nonetheless, I’m not an knowledgeable so it could be greatest to take photographs and show them to a neighborhood antiques supplier or go online to an appraisal site and share the images. Reply: Diamond Painting Take a number of pictures of your mirror (including any numbers or maker’s marks) and present them to an antique appraiser or send them to a web-based appraisal service. Anonymous: diamond painting belgium You are finest wager is to contact a professional antique appraiser. You might want to take a photograph and show it to an antique shop or add it to on-line appraisal site.

Another one is 12″ x 45″ with an Italian gold gilt frame with a shell motif on high. The frame is cherry wooden and in good condition. Reply: A vintage wall mirror made from Italy. Beth SF City Guide — This San Francisco mahogany dressing mirror is $799. It may be mahogany or metal tri-fold mirror frames or the vanity mirrors with out frames. Michele, I’ve discovered several rectangular and square Bassett vintage mirrors without frames.

The one I discovered online is $250. Reply: I’ve seen several Federal interval mirrors from Irving and Cassons-A.H. Query: I have an previous mirror size 2’×3′ in again of the mirror diamond painting nederland a mark of «British silvered mirror » 5/12 what does it imply? Query: diamond painting nederland I have a mirror made on April 8th, 1957, with electric copper stamped on the again. Query: I have a Galax genuine 1957 electro copper plated mirror it is approx 3′ x 4′. Stamped made at 11 am, 1957, what’s the value?

The values are between $125 and $200. Answer: Electro copper plated mirrors from the 1950s aren’t actually any extra useful than mirrors manufactured right now. There are appraisal websites talked about in these previous feedback. Becca, there are three interlocking oval circles which are giant vintage triple oval gold mirror Diamond Painting Kits Canada circles which might be Hollywood Regency ornate fashion. I feel these work finest with bottles without branding or embossing to muddy the view inside.

His work expanded the world of information, for he did not paint semblance alone.

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