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Can The U.S. Navy Turn Seawater Into Jet Gasoline?

Kanzius’ machine achieves this effect by shaking up the composition of the salt water. Salt water (as in the event you could not have figured this out already) is made from two ingredients: salt (sodium chloride) and water (hydrogen and oxygen). When the radio waves penetrate the water, the hydrogen molecules are shaken free and their regular properties of flammability develop into simpler to access.

Yes, that’s how science guidelines our daily life. Some of the scientific data we learn at school are extremely practical, whereas some are preparations for after we resolve to specialize on certain fields once we develop up. It’s still a win-win scenario nonetheless, so studying some science is not such a nasty factor for us. Do you suppose you possibly can reply many of these science-crammed pop quiz questions? Uncover and see for yourself!

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