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Can Our Favorite Cats Eat Nuts?

Cats are true carnivores. Their teeth have evolved for eating a diet completely of meat.

When in the wild, the only vegetation cats would normally eat is in the form of grass which they chew for . As a cat owner, you are always concern about what your cats should only eat. If you love munching on nuts and your cat is curious about what you are eating, you probably have thought about giving them a few pieces to enjoy.

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However, some nuts may not be good for cats. The high phosphorous content in nuts may cause your cat with some problems. Walnuts for instance are reported to be highly toxic to cats.

Roasted and raw macadamia nuts are very harmful to pets, the reason why you should never attempt giving them try this site type of nut.

Although there are no data for cats but there have been toxicity cases in dogs. Dogs that have eaten between six and fort macadamia nut better and http://forum.paveldarts.ru/index.php/component/kide/-/index.php?option=com_kide kernels developed temporary hind limb weakness and muscle tremors. In fact, some had painful and swollen limbs.

They were visibly distressed and unable to get up. Though the effects may be temporary, they can be very distressing and painful not only to your pet but even to you. With less effective livers, cats can become at risk from problems brought about by eating macadamia nuts.

Most cats are attracted to the oily texture of nuts but it is wise not to allow them to eat nuts most especially macadamia nuts. There are some nuts that are generally safe for cats to eat such as almond nuts. Pine nuts are also not toxic to cats however they contain a great amount of fact that can lead to diarrhea.

Domestic cats are usually more adventurous when it comes to their tastes and would often sample fruits and vegetables. There has been a long, but wrong tradition of giving cats milk. Generally, cats are not evolved to digest these things. Other foods that you enjoy should be given to cats at all especially if you are unsure if your cat should eat them or if these foods are safe for them to take.The stimulants in coffee, tea and chocolate which made them so agreeable to human make them harmful to cats.

The most important thing that you should know is whether or not your cat has eaten enough of the nuts and other harmful and toxic foods to suffer ill-effects.

Some human foods are toxic even if only a small amount of it is eaten while others will not cause any illness unless they are repeatedly eaten or in larger amount. Compared to dogs and humans, cats have relatively poor liver function. Cats do not require good liver function as they usually rely on their prey to break down any harmful substances which are found in vegetable manner.

So before or any other food, ask your vet or research about it first to make sure you won’t cause any digestive problems or other illnesses to them.

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