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If you plan to use the file in multiple article, diamond painting nederland please title only one in all them here. If you plan to use the file for any function apart from this, please don’t use this section, but the one labelled «other type of non-free work» below. Note: When you plan to make use of it for Diamond Painting Canada some other function than this, please tick the box for «other non-free work» below. Please clarify why this goal couldn’t be served by textual content alone. Please explain why a free alternative to this picture can’t be discovered.

This picture is the object of discussion in an article. Whether it is in the general public area, broderie diamant you must have the ability to level to an actual law that makes it so. Cite and provide a hyperlink to the relevant legislation if potential. Even if it is merely doable that a substitute might be created, we will not use the non-free file. It is a copyrighted, non-free work, however I imagine it’s Truthful Use. That is another kind of non-free work that I consider is reliable Fair Use.

An ordinary fair use rationale shall be added that matches any such use. Please examine the spelling, and ensure you enter the identify of an current article in which you’ll embrace this file. No, Diamond Painting I want to upload this file domestically. I’ll add it on the Wikimedia Commons. Often such local files are copied to the Commons for Diamond Painting Canada use elsewhere and deleted domestically, Diamond Painting Canada requiring extra work for other volunteers. This can only work in case you are already logged in there, which is probably going the case when you’ve got a unified account.

For topics who lived in the early-to-mid twentieth century: have you thought-about if there might be an older photograph that has fallen in the public area? I discovered this file someplace, however I do not actually know who made it or who owns it. The picture was created and revealed by the identical writer who also holds the rights to the unique object, and no alternative depiction could be suitably created.

It is a copyrighted artwork or photograph, and the image itself is the subject of dialogue within the article. Its presence is required to support a chunk of specific critical dialogue in an article associated to that work or its creator(s). The photograph as such is free, or was supplied by the creator of the sculpture. It is a photograph or broderie diamant different form of depiction of a copyrighted, three-dimensional artistic work, comparable to a statue or work of architecture.

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