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Biomedical Waste Containers

State and local legal guidelines regarding pesticide sharps box disposal could also be stricter than the federal necessities on the label. You should definitely test along with your Cooperative Extension Workplace or State Lead Company earlier than disposing of your pesticide containers.

Don’t pour leftover pesticides down the sink, into the toilet, or down a sewer or avenue drain. Pesticides could interfere with the operation of wastewater treatment techniques or pollute waterways. Many municipal systems will not be equipped to take away all pesticide residues. If pesticides reach waterways, they might hurt fish, plants, and different living things.

— An empty pesticide container may be as hazardous as a full one because of residues left inside. By no means reuse pesticide containers to carry or store other gadgets, particularly meals or drinks. When empty, triple-rinse (see steps below) and dispose of the container based on label instructions. By no means puncture or burn a pressurized or aerosol container — it may explode.

— Many communities have applications to recycle household waste similar to empty bottles and cans. Do not recycle any pesticide containers, until the recycling program particularly accepts pesticide containers and you comply with the program’s directions for making ready the empty containers for collection.

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— Verify the list of List of Hazardous and extremely Hazardous Wastes to find out if the materials are listed as «extraordinarily hazardous waste.» — If the fabric is just not listed as extremely hazardous waste, go to Step 2.

— If the fabric IS listed as extremely hazardous waste, the container have to be collected by EH&S and disposed of as hazardous waste. Do not rinse.

— Attach a completed hazardous waste tag and request a hazardous waste collection.

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