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Ask HN: Is It Worth Investing Time In Learning Forex Trading?

I’ll be proper to the point. In the past I had the chance to attempt Forex trading by way of a couple of the pretty widespread online platforms that offer this kind of service. They’d the function to allow you to spend money on the actual market with dummy euros in an effort to make you practice with the instrument before risking your precise (and real) money. I performed with those faux moneys for a few weeks and in both cases I ended up earning (fake) revenues. In one case I started with 5000€ and トラリピ EA remodeled them in greater than 7500€ in roughly ten days.My question is: have I been just lucky? Did the app trick me into believing I used to be in a position to earn straightforward profits with a purpose to make me put my cash within the account? Or it’s simply that Forex trading is «doable» in case you are cautious sufficient?I’ve been questioning about severely beginning to invest a while into Forex since then, but for some cause I by no means did. Would you share your experience with me?Thanks!

leojg on Aug 19, 2015 [-]

Hello, personaly, I have used a plataform that additionally permits play with faux money and after that I invested a small quantity of actual cash to see what would occur.With the faux money I used to be additionally able to double what I started with in a couple of days.But with the real cash I did not. But I think that the rationale for this was that the small amount of cash I had didnt provide a whole lot of margin for losses, so a small loss could be enougth to run me out of business. While with the faux cash I would make micro transactions, buying and promoting in minutes and if I failed I had lots of backup.So, If I come back to forex I’ll with the next amount of cash and invest small amount at a time.

NwmG on Aug 19, 2015 | parent | subsequent [-]

Comparable story right here. Paper buying and selling is considerably different than live money buying and selling. Smartest thing to do is start out slow with studying traditional market movers, e.g. how economic reporting affects particular markets. Then transfer to more technical buying and selling concepts, advanced charting and so on.

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