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Ancient Music History

9 days agoThe poet and musicians from Sparta Terpander are the first to play poetry for particular reasons (tune), i.e. reading poetry and speaking it in repeated musical phrases.

The first professional musical instrument – the kifara, a type of lyres – was also improved. The range of the tool has been extended by three more strs (tetrachord) to approximately one octave and divides its range further into tones.

In mathematics and the connection between these intervals and planetary movement, homepage the philosopher and mystical pythagoreans are given first music explanation tries, especially the sound intervals. In order to define the musical structure and to compute harmonic and inharmonious intervalls, web site Pythagorans used a series of regular fractions. Pythagoras also invented the interval with a monohort—a string and a moving tool without a resonator. It sounded not in genuine music, but just in those surrounding it, webpage scientifically created.

Pytagoers from the 17th to 18th century differentiate the theory from practice, so that novel instruments (particularly claviers) are heard as they create their musical language.

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