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A bit about music theory

It was a very common notion of music emerging from sexual contention among people — like the dazzling pavilion tail.

Indeed, by improving musical abilities a person is sexually desirable.

But this hypothesis is not supported: a recent study by ten thousand twins showed that musicians are not particularly fortunate in bed relationships (Mick Jagger and many other rockers, however, can argue with this).

Music is also considered to be a means of early communication with human beings. Indeed, there are some musical motives in the emotional codes of our forebears.

For webpage instance, upward staccato emotionally excites us, but long descending sequences calm. Some sound patterns appear to have a global meaning, interpreted equally by adults, young children and even animals of various ages and cultures.

So we can say with a lot of trust that music was formed based on the links between birds and animal shouts, to convey their feelings and emotions via ancient people, who had no language yet. Music might have been the proto-language that paved the way to talk.

In addition, music might have helped to bring people together at some point in history. Group dance and webpage choral singing made people more altruistic and driven to get identified with their group.

According to the new neuroscience study, because of the signals sent to you by your mind, you are no longer aware of yourself as something separate.

It is like looking at another person and identifying himself in a mirror. Completely, since we all know very well about our own physical responses, there is no greater way for people to pursue one impulse than music.

However, actual physical involvement in music is not needed in order to make interior alterations (although it can enhance the effect).

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