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【Riesige Po Sexpuppe】 YL 158cm J-cup Physique, Choose A Head To Match

This is an attractive riesige po sexpuppe intercourse doll physique. Wifey kind of huge breasts and large butt, are endlessly satisfying your desire. The lovely pear shape body is ideal for spanking, whichever a part of the physique you want to spank, whip or lick. You can do all on her. She welcomes your thrust, your whip, all your treatments, than the rest. You may select a head to match with this lovely physique, whether it’s a White, Asian or Afro face, all of them perfectly match with this body.

— 12″ Huggable plush doll

— Over 20 completely different designs selections so that you can fall in love with

— You can insert a picture into our clear 3″ x 2″ pocket that is over our adorable embroidered face. PS: Your image will be 1 person’s face and even a group shot, your selection on the way you want to love them up

— Personalize your message, recording over the cellphone or computer. Amazing feature: Your message can’t be erased if you do not need it to. You can re-document again and again as many occasions as you want

— HMY can document messages you have got saved on telephones/answering machines or every other system. Now you’ll be able to actually save your precious message and hug them with no worry of shedding their voice.

Within the last couple of years there have been numerous dolls which have really made a feature of the buttocks — namely by making them lovely and huge! Maybe the best recognized of these is «Jasmine», made well-known by US comedian Ryan Davis. Jasmine is available in at around $2,000 — which is sort of a great price contemplating how a lot TPE they used in the ass space!

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