Отдых под парусом

World’s emotional touch

«When the operation is underway, the personal individuality of everyone is erased to some degree, so that everyone feels like a whole with the chorus of the singer,» writes the anthropologist Rouge.

Music may be defined as the link between the society through songs sung by working Sloves and choral songs by soldiers and seafarer tracks. Music tends to bring people together and to bring them closer.

The fact that our worldwide interaction is based on music seems to be crucial since it allows us to touch our heart’s beats with each other and everything emotionally.

In this fundamental sense, any culture may develop into a lexicon of musical tones and patterns, connected to specific feelings and experiences.

Note that current people can no longer link it to key events in their life regardless of its historical source and intent.

Our present earthly life is accompanied with music, webpage everything imaginable between the conception and gestation, from birth to death.

And thus, it is no wonder that you can provide this frantic blend of sensation and recollection to us through the sounds of their favorite tones.

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