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When Those Three Seconds Ran Out

Coach Williams signed an affidavit admitting to designing the bounty scheme and is at present suspended indefinitely from the NFL [supply: Holder]. He too is interesting his lifetime ban. The NFL fined the Saints franchise the maximum penalty of $500,000 and stripped them of their second-round draft picks for 2012 and 2013.

Pity the poor NFL official. He works tirelessly all year lengthy underneath the doubting watch of rabid fans, the intense pressure of nervous league officials, 123bets and the unrelenting glare of tv cameras. He lastly earns a visit to the postseason with his A+ work and, in a fraction of a second in front of thousands and thousands throughout the nation … he is a bum. A total bum who cost a staff the sport and added to the NFL’s oft-shaky popularity.

Lastly, the data model helps ensure quick performance. For example, the doc is treated as a string (it really is just a textual content editor!) but is saved in a tree-shaped information structure internally to allow for cheap updates and efficient line based mostly indexing. Equally, doc offsets are just plain numbers that deal with positions in the doc string and might simply be translated to and from their respective line/character offsets as well as coordinates within the viewport.

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