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Was Your Santa Salad Tasty?

Form the sea wall with parallel horizontal traces between the posts. Use a combination of V-formed and horizontal and vertical lines for boards on the barn door. Draw leaves, utilizing a curving line on prime and a jagged line below. Frame twin silo towers with tall rectangles, and cap them with half circles. Make many tiny circles scattered at random beneath the horizon line. Make sure that the tops and bottoms are in a straight line (check with a ruler).

Above the horizon line, draw an angled and Diamond Art jagged line to indicate a distant mountain range. A charming village. A peaceful mountain stream. The village scene in the subsequent part contains all of it — a small church, タオバオ home, Diamond Painting and even a barn. Draw small ovals for the toenails on the entrance and タオバオ back toes. These are the again fingers, that are mostly hidden from view. ­ Draw a bowling-pin shape for the shin of the again leg on the far facet.

­Draw an oval for diamond painting the thigh of the rear leg on the near aspect of the Stegosaurus. Mix a small circle with an oval and a half circle to make the define of a duck in the pond. Place more grass on the hills to the left and proper sides utilizing a mixture of quick strains, straight and false buttock jagged. Draw two extra cactus plants utilizing many long, curving ovals. Make the sail utilizing a triangle with two curved sides and a flat bottom.

Add two rectangular forms for the legs on the far side of the Brachiosaurus’ physique. Step 2: Sketch in ovals and related odd shapes for rocks and boulders. Add a small square to the center home for a chimney. For Diamond Painting UK the barn on the precise, connect two of the vertical traces with two angled traces as shown.

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