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The musical history of the avant-garde

The Italian musician, artist and web page futurist poet Luigi Russolo constructs noise instruments and forms a noise band and a manifesto for futuristic music. It is also known as the Intonarumori band. This is how the blurring of the noise/music boundary starts – the most dramatic musical occurrence following the start of tonality’s deterioration.

The instruments of Russolo were essentially noise machines. For a very long period something comparable was employed in theater and opera, and subsequently film. This score was a whole new step for web site these instruments, it was she who ordered the noise and with it gave the musical stature. The development of Russolo is thought to have inspired trends which arose in computer era – noise and industry.

The tune of French square dance «Tiger Rag» was recorded by the brothels of Paris during Louis Bonaparte’s reign (1852-1870). Square dance is extremely similar to jazz’s original progenitor — the piano dance ragtime genre. Dixieland’s emergence marks the beginning of the jazz period and all conventional jazz is now dubbed Dixieland. In general, jazz is the first phenomena of globalization, site music that involves three continents equally (America, Africa and Europe).

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