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Sushi, Pacific Lobster … Cheeseburgers: Japanese Meals Match For A President

North Korea, China, 筑後 ランチ 人気 trade and safety. When US presidents go to Japan, the summit agenda practically writes itself. Deciding what to present them to eat, although, is a distinct matter altogether.

When the White Home is occupied by someone with as unadventurous a palate as Donald Trump, the scope for showcasing the delicate flavours and aesthetic beauty of its cooking, or washoku, is restricted.

That was the case during Trump’s first go to to Japan in 2017, when he and the then prime minister, Shinzo Abe, sat down to cheeseburgers and fries at a golf club — a alternative that spurred a run on burgers on the Tokyo restaurant that made them.

Treating presidents and their delegations to some of Tokyo’s best food — in a city with more Michelin stars than Paris — hasn’t all the time gone to plan.

In 1991, George HW Bush interrupted a Japanese banquet to vomit into the lap of his host, the then Japanese prime minister Kiichi Miyazawa. The incident, in which Bush fainted, was blamed on a bout of flu, not the meals.

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