Отдых под парусом

How long have you the obsessive voice in your mind with music?

How often do you sing in your brain your compulsive inner monolog? All day I was playing a minibus tune because today I heard it. The sound of the car can be beneficial and damaging. How should we eliminate ourselves of these awful lyrics and why does music mentally effect us?

Psychologists and homepage scientists supported this research. Also recognized was the so-called «cognitive gum and earworm.» In 2003, James Kelaris evaluated the aggravating variables, the population and several links.

The musical sense is linked to the brain audio field, according to neurological activity. If you have problems hearing music, try to reactivate and rebuild the player. I’ve got a great desire to sing too.

Neuropsychologists have provided a number of answers. The songs you enjoy can be saved or sympathized. But what if you only want to store a song later?

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