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Discrimination Towards Muslim Women — Truth Sheet

See, e.g., Freeman v. State of Florida, No. 2002-CA-2828 (Fla. Cir. Ct. filed Mar. 22, 2002). The ACLU of Florida filed a complaint on behalf of Sultaana LaKiana Myke Freeman, a Muslim girl who wears niqab and doesn’t reveal her face to strangers or men exterior her household. The complaint alleged that state officials violated Freeman’s rights beneath Florida’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act when they revoked her driver’s license because she declined to substitute her old driver’s license photograph with one displaying her whole face. ACLU press release out there at: https://www.aclu.org/religion/gen/16218prs20030527.html.

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Radar detectors sense this stray radiation and are capable of establish it because the sort of radiation more likely to have originated from speed enforcement radar. This info is conveyed to the driver via visible and auditory alerts, which establish the type of radar, its strength and relying on the hardware, the course of its origin relative to the car.

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