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Cydia download for ios 15 2

As a brand new variant, ios 15.2 is going to launch on the 13th of September 2016. Ios 15.2 has a few significant changes that you have never anticipate. Apple has made several significant upgrades with ios 15.2. Here are the new features comes with Ios 15 Cydia Jailbreak 15.2

? Changes in QuickType

? Changes in maps

? Changes in photographs

? Changes in consumer experience

? Changes in Siri

ios 15.2 compatibility :-

? Ios 15.2 works well with all iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPad signature 6th generation onwards

The new iPhone 7 along with iPhone 7 also comes to the marketplace with the latest version of ios 15.2. And this time it is changed from the exterior also. It has some Incredible new changes such as,

? Dirt and dust resistant

? No headphone jack

? Two new colours (Black and Jet black)

? Increased battery durability

? ! 2 megapixel camera and 7 megapixel camera

? Upgraded chip


Once it comes to Cydia, all of the Jailbreak fans know what it is. What Cydia does is that it gives access to obtain and install third party programs that doesn’t provide on official app shop in an iPhone. But Cydia can be utilized only on apparatus which was Jailbroken.

What do we get away from Cydia? :-

? The subject of your iPhone could be altered

? Users can change the app icons, lock screen and lock screen motif

? Using Cydia download the apparatus can Be Used at their highest capability

? Users can download any third party programs and tweaks

Could we download Cydia ios 15.2?

As we know that iPhone 7 and also iPhone 7 plus has already released. And ios 15.2 is really on its way. Currently it is not possible to Download Cydia ios 15.2 on your device because Cydia may be downloaded only when we succeed to Jailbreak ios 15.2. Jailbreaking teams will find a means to jailbreak ios 15.2 shortly. Then we can definitely Download Cydia ios 15.2 in your own device.

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