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Curating And Conserving New Media

Wenn du nach Diamond Painting Deutschland suchst, bist du hier geboren. Carat Art ist dein Diamond Painting Shop mit Sitz und Lager in Deutschland und wir versenden unsere hochwertigen diamond painting deutschland Painting Bilder auch direkt aus Deutschland zu dir. Sara Diamond Painting discussed the Art and VR Environments project at the Banff Centre held in 1991. It was a pioneering, technically driven residency project that offered a place for artists to re-think Virtuelle Wirklichkeit, both the software and the creation of new works.

Residency programs at the Banff Centre, C3, Budapest (Hungary), and Diamond Painting Deutschland projects like the Polar Circuit in Lapland, and various works produced in the UK with support from ARTEC were case study examples. Catherine Richards’ work «Charged Hearts: Excitable Tissues» was a case study discussed during the workshop of how-to produce large scale projects, with commercial companies and support from several organizations. It plans to commission new work, and establish residencies to bring major artists to Canada, to teach, work and create.

The Netz and Telecommunications are big questions that are on the drawing board, as well as establishing new ways to disseminate current media work. The ultimate museum presence online was portrayed in two projects that demonstrated what could be expected in the future. The funding issue was highlighted by information about the new Foundation Daniel Langlois. This group, convened by Sara diamond painting deutschland, the artistic director of the Media and Visual Arts Department, and the Executive Producer for Television and New Media (at the Banff Centre), was a meeting to brainstorm about the problems of curating, conserving, and producing New Media.

This new foundation in Montreal was announced by Jean Gagnon, the Director of its program. The annual ISEA festival was discussed, as both the organization (now with a permanent staff of five, and based in Montreal) and as the international symposium and exhibition. Sara Diamond Painting lead a demanding schedule, from 9.30 am daily until 6.30 pm, inside the Banff Centre’s television studio (read: no windows) for the entire week of workshop and symposium sessions.

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