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Constructing An Inverter Adapter For The Kona EV

— Customized metal bracket (see under)

— 120A car/boat circuit breaker (74×49 mm)

— Gray Anderson SB175 connectors (x2)

— M6 20mm bolts (x2) for breaker

— M6 30mm bolts (x2) for power connector

— M6 washers (x4)

— M6 nylon insert lock nuts (x4)

— 2AWG 1/4″ lugs (x2) for breaker

— 2AWG 5/16″ lugs (x2) for automobile (one requires bending & notching)

— Your inverter seemingly needs two extra 5/16″ lugs

— 2AWG wire: 750 mm pink, 450 mm black, plus however long your inverter cord will probably be

— 1/2″ heat shrink tubing

— Black spray paint with rust safety


The Kiosk View (Animated View) gives prospects with a quick and quick access to a customer’s PV system performance. It is a great tool for advertising and public viewing. When the «Animated View» button is clicked on the SolrenView screen, SolrenView will constantly loop through the location overview, інвертор для сонячної станції environmental footprint, mission particulars, site analytics, and if applicable, the detailed analytics web page.

SolrenView Company Reporting is for patrons that require a revenue grade power manufacturing report to be sent to an company resembling NEPOOL, WREGIS, MassCEC, PG&E, SCE, CCSE, IID, or Tempo. A report is generated from SolrenView Revenue Grade metering outputs and sent on to the company of choice. Yaskawa Solectria Solar’s monitoring crew works immediately with companies to activate and maintain photo voltaic production credit score accounts.

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